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Please contact us when you have any questions about our community, membership or participation in our events. We are here to help.


Будь ласка, зв’яжіться з нами, якщо у Вас є які-небудь питання про наше співтовариство, членство або участь в наших заходах. Ми завжди раді допомогти Вам.


Who are members of CIS bankers?

CIS bankers is a community for CEOs and board executives of banks and financial services companies as well as general directors and business owners from other industries.

How can I become a member of CIS bankers?

If you are interested in becoming member of CIS bankers, please contact us by completing the contact form on the right, or by sending us an email.

What is included in membership with CIS bankers?

CIS bankers membership card holders can attend all CIS bankers events free of charge. This includes a large number of Members Only events, such as networking events and other social functions.

How many events does CIS bankers organize in a year?

Every year we organize at least 9 events; 5 executive networking events, 2 T10 Forums, a New Year Gala and our flagship event, the Ukrainian Banking Forum.

Can I sponsor CIS bankers events?

You can certainly sponsor CIS bankers events. We offer a variety of possibilities to participate in our events, from being a speaker or exhibitor, to being a general partner. Contact us for more details.

When is your next event?

At CIS bankers we organize events almost every month. To find out when and where our next event takes place, please check our events page.

Are there any job openings at CIS bankers?

At CIS bankers we are always interested to hear from talented people and how they can contribute to our success. When you are interested to learn about current opportunities, please contact us.

How do we become a Partner of CIS bankers?

CIS bankers have a large number of partnerships with industry leading companies, including vendors, law firms, consulting companies and business schools. When you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities with us, please contact us.

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